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Central Clearing Reconciliation

Mesatek's Central Clearing Reconciliation (CCR) solution automatically reconciles your GL and central clearing transactions for Canadian credit unions.  CCR's sophisticated computer match reconciles your transactions rapidly and accurately; saving days, even weeks of work each month!​​

Remote Deposit Match (Deposit Anywhere)

Automate your reconciliation of remote deposit (Deposit ​Anywhere) transactions with Mesatek's Remote Deposit Match.  Effective reconciliation enables you to spend less time on low value activities and add value in the areas that matter most. 

Federal Reserve Reconciliation

Federal Reserve Reconciliation (FRR) automatically reconciles GL and Federal Reserve transactions for US financial institutions. FRR accommodates multiple ABA and sub-ABA numbers and is ideal for individual banks or bankers’ banks.​

Pilot Program 

Do you have a new idea or a specific reconciliation need?  We can help. Mesatek Software’s Pilot Program is a collaboration between customers and the experts at Mesatek to take your vision into a finished solution.  We offer customer incentives and a quick return on investment.   Please reach out for a free consultation and we can get the ball rolling together.

​Cheque Reconciliation

CheqRec matches issued and cleared cheque for an unlimited number of accounts based on cheque number, amount and date.  CheqRec can be bundled with Mesatek's cheque production system, CheqPro. 

​Cheque Production

CheqPro prints cheque from multiple bank accounts and currencies.  Load electronic cheque data, generate recurring cheques or create manual cheques on demand.  CheqPro accommodates blank or preprinted cheque stock, MICR encoding, standard and rush printers and much more.  CheqPro integrates seamlessly with CheqRec, Mesatek's cheque reconciliation system, to cut your costs dramatically. 

Our Solutions

All of Mesatek's solutions have been developed with industry experts and customers to address the data-processing shortfalls that exist in typical financial industry software.  All of our solutions are designed to provide a rapid return on investment.

Me-to-Me Match

Mesatek's Me-to-Me Match helps you quickly and easily reconcile all your Me-to-Me transactions.  The computer match does the reconciliation for you in just a few seconds.  With full carry over, sophisticated search, and issue tracking, Me-to-Me Match helps you manage all aspects of your Me-to-Me reconciliation.

​ATM Match

Mesatek's ATM Match provides an easy, fast and effective way of reconciling all your ATM and POS transactions.  Start reconciling your ATM and POS transactions in just a few seconds per day.

​e-Transfer Match

Save time, save money and standardize your reconciliation process by using Mesatek’s e-Transfer Match.  The computer match deals with 99% of the reconciliation for you in just seconds a day.  The user definable transaction screen allows users to: analyse transactions, manually match exceptions, and track issues.

Bill Payment Match

Mesatek's Bill Payment Match allows you to reconcile your bill payment transactions from your GL and your bill payment service provider in just seconds per day.

​Dormant Account Management

Remove dormant accounts from your banking system and track them on DAMS. Reduce operating costs and guarantee strict conformity to government requirements through automated processing. DAMS manages both dormant accounts and other financial instruments, such as money orders, certified cheques, and official cheques. DAMS automatically calculates interest, dividends and service charges, calculates payouts for account holders and withdrawals to government at the end of the required dormancy period.